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TON is now supported by BUTTON Wallet at Telegram

BUTTON Wallet — Telegram Cryptocurrency wallet now supports TON

Telegram Open Network is one of the most anticipated projects this year. A couple of weeks ago TON Team released a part of source code and got a lot of hype as usual. However, the entry barrier was high and most of the users did not even try TON. Some people said that TON will be too difficult for mass adoption, however, most of them did not get that it is just the first demo of the light node. Of course, TON team will never release TON without great developer tools and documentation, also they understand the current difficulties for most developers and users:

Of course, a true TON Blockchain wallet application would hide all the intermediate steps explained above. It would first communicate the address of the new smart contract to the user, asking them to transfer some funds to the indicated address (displayed in its non-bounceable user-friendly form) from another wallet or a cryptocurrency exchange, and then would provide a simple interface to display the current balance and to transfer funds to whatever other addresses the user wants. (The aim of this document is to explain how to create new non-trivial smart contracts and experiment with the TON Blockchain Test Network, rather than to explain how one could use the Lite Client instead of a more user-friendly wallet application

So, what is next? Let’s wait for new releases? Too boring. Our team wants to demonstrate how it is possible to make the user experience simple with a current codebase that we have from TON. We are BUTTON Wallet and we are the first wallet and also the first Telegram Wallet that supports TON. Even now! If you do not want to run your light node and do not care about developers stuff — it is a really good option for you to try TON with us.

Integration details

Currently, there is only one way to communicate with TON network. It is a light node that was published on

The only way to create an account, sign transaction and send it is also via light node. So we wrote our wrapper over the light node that allows us to bring our user interface on it. Currently, it is testing, so we made several assumptions:
1. Users private keys are created by us (during the testing period only, we will never do this on real assets)
2. We create TON account with non-zero balance by default calling TON faucet for each user. So every our user already have GRAMS
3. TON network is not stable, so all users can lose their account and assets at any second, however, it is still a lot of fun to use Telegram Open Network at Telegram

How it looks like and who we are?

How to activate TON account and get TON balance

We started to develop financial wallet based on Telegram since 2017. We love Telegram and their API and continue to develop our project. Our wallet allows you to send Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies to your friend via telegram @ nickname. Also, you can buy, exchange cryptocurrency with us. All of that is at your Telegram App.

How to send 2 GRAMS to your friend by @ nickname

Right now you can send GRAMS to your friend by telegram username or by TON short or full address. Also, you can get private key and address to check that we use TON by using your light client.

We are working on new great features for you right now that allows interacting with TON in many other ways directly on your Telegram app. We will be happy to get your feedback at any of our social networks or directly at Telegram.

Special thanks to:
PepperSec team: Pertsev Alexey, Roman Storm, and Roman Semenov who are making great tools and helped us by communicating with us.

Written by Nick Kozlov
CTO of BUTTON Wallet — messenger based crypto wallet in Telegram
Special thanks to Alexey Prazdnikov and Kirill Kuznecov

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