Laurie Hendricks


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    Laurie Hendricks


    Oil 24 x 20

    Caffè Vicolo Del Cinque by Laurie Hendricks was selected as a Finalist in the May 2019 BoldBrush Painting Competition.




    Contemporary Impressionist


    Laurie Hendricks is a California plein-air painter, with origins in San Francisco and the Bay Area.  Raised in Kensington, California, a neighborhood with painters, potters, Berkeley professors and radicals, She first moved to Los Angeles in the 80s to pursue acting, and after some success in this field, turned her focus to painting full time.  With New England roots, she is a direct descendent of American painter John Trumbull (1756-1843), known best for The Signing of the Declaration of Independence and other depictions of the American Revolution on display at the Capitol Building in Washington DC.  Hendricks is a modern-day champion of California Impressionism, and the early 20th-century landscape painters.


    According to Laurie: ”I’m a believer in the benefits of painting from life, whether from a live model, outdoors in the landscape or a still life, because it’s the best way to see true color and value in nature. I endeavor to paint in direct response to my subject, in a loose impressionist/expressionist way, taking the subject before me, filtering it through my feelings and emotions, to create something unique and original.  Nature is my muse, but my interpretation of natural beauty is expressed in my own voice. I love to paint alla prima, rarely waiting for areas to dry, I prefer the thick immediate application of paint and expressive brushwork.  My approach to Plein Air is to take my work to a degree of finish on location, rarely working on it later in the studio.”


    An Artist Member of the California Art Club, and member of Laguna Plein Air Painters, American Impressionist Society, and Oil Painters of America, Ms. Hendricks is well known for her California landscapes and impressionist figurative works depicting her travels in Europe, throughout California and the US.  Laurie is also a painting instructor, and has taught painting workshops in Tuscany, Provence, the Cotswold, Croatia and Greece, as well as in California in Cambria, Santa Inez and around Pasadena.


    Laurie has participated in many plein air juried and invitational shows including: Carmel Art Festival, San Luis Obispo Plein Air Festival, Borrego Springs Plein Air, Telluride Plein Air, Huntington Beach Plein Air and this year is thrilled to participate in Plein Air Easton.


    A colorist both by instinct and training, she prefers a vivid chromatic palette, augmented by warm, unifying highlights. She deftly applies pigment in short, thick brush strokes, capturing the essence of a subject, rather than its myriad detail. Hendricks’ open compositions, breezy subjects, and loosely painted forms often contain islands of pure abstraction, emphasizing the fleeting qualities of water, weather and light.”– SPARC Gallery


    Laurie Hendricks earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree at the San Francisco Art Institute where she learned to blend technique and emotion to create her paintings.  She continues to study painting, drawing and art history, viewing art as a life-long learning process.  Her paintings, ranging from landscapes and figurative paintings to still life and portraiture, are collected nationally and abroad.  From 2012 to 2018, Hendricks operated her own gallery in South Pasadena, showing her plein air and studio work, alongside the work of other contemporary artists.  Her paintings were in the California Art Club Gold Medal Showin 2018 and 2019, and can be found at Hillside Fine Art in Claremont, Peltier Home in South Pasadena,  as well as on her website -  


    Artist's Statement:

    As a plein air painter, I strive to interpret the beauty and power of the natural world through my paintings, filtering my impressions through my own personal expression. Using an impressionist style of brush strokes and color, and by applying the paint directly in an alla prima style, my goal is to tell a personal story through the subjects I choose to paint and interpret. My hope is that the viewer, will respond to the colors and designs that I paint onto my canvas, be touched emotionally and aesthetically, and will enjoy viewing the work because it not only makes them feel good, but because it gives them something to remember and speaks to them on an emotional level.


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    MFA San Francisco Art Institute  

    BFA Sonoma State University 



    • Plein Air Easton - Easton Maryland July/2019
    • California Pops! - Hillside Fine Art June/2019
    • A Day in the Life Solo Show- SPARC Gallery May/2019
    • California Color Solo Show - Hillside Fine Art 9/2018
    • California Art Club 107th Gold Medal Show 7/2018
    • Canyons to Coves - CAC Old Mill Gallery July - Sept/2018
    • Carmel Plein Air Festival - 5/2018
    • Splendors of Spring - CAC Old Mill Gallery April - June/2018
    • One Woman Show – Laurie Hendricks Gallery 2016
    • Landscapes and Bouquets – 2 Person Show, Hillside Fine Art , September 2016
    • Carmel Plein Air (Juried), Carmel Art Association,2014 ,2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
    • Rogers Garden Gallery Day of Art – AWARD OF EXCELLENCE2016
    • Telluride Plein Air (Juried), Telluride CO 2015
    • Bold Brush, FAVORITE PICKS - Top 15%, Online 2012 & 2015
    • Napa Valley Art Festival (Juried), Yountville, CA  2013 & 2014
    • CAC Quintessential California, Santa Paula Art Museum, 2014
    • SoCalPapa, Back Bay Show, Newport Beach, 2013 & 2014  
    • LPAPA Best of Plein Air, Randy Higbee Gallery 2014 (2010-2014)
    • CAC HOME Show, Malaga Cove Library, Palos Verdes, CA,  2014– 2nd PLACE AWARD
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    Gallery Representation:

    • HILLSIDE FINE ART, Claremont, CA
    • Peltier Home, South Pasadena, CA
    • THE NEST Gallery, Cambria, CA 



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