A whole new CoinCodeCap


I have revamped the CoinCodeCap, check it out, feedbacks are welcome.

New Listings on CoinCodeCap👏

  • Beam (rank — 40),
  • Grin (rank — 48)

Fraud detection — This week, we found a few more projects which do not have any development activity on their Github. 😐

  1. EKTcoin— We found no development activity since last year. Read more here.
  2. VestChain —There is no Github activity since last year and only 2 repo exists on Github. Read more here.
  3. Veritaseum — There is no Github activity since last 2 years. Run by Reggie Middleton, with more than $35 million market cap this coin is a pure scam. Read more here.

Quote of the Week-

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.” — Epictetus

Story of the week 👇👇

Modeling Bitcoin’s Value with Scarcity and a challenging theory

A few months back, PlanB shared his research that dives into the relationship between bitcoin’s price (and market cap) and the stock-to-flow ratio in an article here. BurgerCrypto.com wrote an article pinpointing the flaws of the analysis.

.. Read PlanB’s article here

.. Read Marcel’s article here

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