Surabhi Gulwelkar


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    Surabhi Gulwelkar


    36 x 24 Pastel

    Silent Movement by Surabhi Gulwelkar was awarded Outstanding Pastel in the May 2019 BoldBrush Painting Competition.




    Surabhi Gulwelkar (1993, Pune-India) is enthusiastic about art. From school days bright academics, coupled with passion towards painting, pulled her to the divine field of art. Merits in state level drawing exams are the foundation of her career.


    Confidence further built up with her solo exhibition held when she was 12 years old. Grand achievements in numerous drawing competitions in her teenage, had motivated her to spread her wings in the field. Her creativity leads her towards achieving distinction in Government Diploma in Arts as well as being topper in Graduation and Masters in Fine Arts.


    Followed by bright career, she has also been awarded scholarship by artist Daniel Graves’s Florence Academy of Art for further study and to visit museums in Italy.  She says, “Interaction with renowned artist Jeremy Lipking during this tenure will be the lifelong inspiration for me.”

    Surabhi is a keen learner. She believes that, ‘Difficulties of not knowing are always much greater than efforts of learning.’ The grand motivation by her family and Guru play vital role in her art career. She wishes to widen her vision in realisticart. She always endeavors to discover her own pictorial language while painting in a realistic way.



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