Heard in the Halls: Fraud Is Evolving


“From my experience here at the ACFE fraud conference, I think that everyone should understand that the future of fraud is ever changing. There’s constantly new developments, new changes, and it’s super important to come to these conferences to continue to develop your knowledge and your skill for the ever-changing future of fraud.” — Ashley Sanchez, U.S. Bank


“I took a lecture early about interviewing techniques, so I’m definitely learning about first-person interviewing techniques. I’m not in an investigative role right now, but I’ll be asking my boss if I can be working with our Inspector General’s office to possibly assist in investigations in the future.” — Travis Horsley


“It’s been a beautiful thing to be here and this is one of the most well-organized conferences I’ve ever attended. One of the best of the best. I’m proud to be a Certified Fraud Examiner because we put into practice all of what we advise organizations to do.” — Festus Adebosi, CFE, Southern Alberta Inst. of Tech


“So as an educator I’ve learned a lot of really good tips on teaching fraud, as well as bringing data analytics into my auditing and other classes. I’ve learned a lot about data and the deep, dark web, and all the presentations I’ve been to have been outstanding, especially Bill Browder’s. The story that he tells is very compelling. I bought the book a long time ago and once I heard he was coming, that’s when I made plans to come.” — Anu Ghai, CFE, Wilkes University


“In this day and age, if anybody’s serious about this profession, this is a minimal requirement to stay one step ahead of a fraudster. Because things are changing so rapidly, that if you try to do your job in auditing or accounting…you’re so out of date. Unless you come to hear from the experts on emerging trends, you’re not going to be effective.” - Laura McInerney, CFE, Turn Key Office