Cory Goulet


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    Cory Goulet


    Acrylic 18 x 18

    Pieces Of 8 by Cory Goulet was awarded Outstanding Abstract in the April 2019 BoldBrush Painting Competition.




    Cory Goulet was born and raised in Washington State, creativity or the act of being creative has always been a part of her life.  It wasn’t until her children were older and finding their own paths in life that she then decided to give painting a try.  It began with a series of figure classes at a local college in conjunction with acrylic / pastel classes and a wonderful three-week international artist excursion to Italy that led her to finding her true passion, since then there has been no going back. 


    Over the years her style has evolved, her recent work in acrylic and pastel is predominantly abstract non-objective / experimental.  When beginning a new painting in this style, she may have intent but not a predetermined agenda as to how the painting will exactly end up as it is an evolution of techniques, layering of color, emotions and feelings and what’s going on in that day.  The different tools and the music she is enjoying will also have an impact on her paintings.  Cory loves listening to music when she paints as it helps her transfer all that creative energy onto her canvas.  She loves using vibrant colors, varying layering techniques and trying different color combinations to get that nice surprise, as every painting should have a nice surprise she says.  In Cory’s opinion, what this means to her is that she was transported, time stood still, nothing else mattered and she was truly lost in the conception of art.  


    It has been Cory’s pleasure to have worked with some amazing teachers / artists over the years and their continuous support and education has helped develop her style. The bonus is she can now call them friends.   Those teachings have enabled her to develop different techniques, resulting in fun paintings with depth, unique surfaces, movement and exciting colors.  Some of Cory’s best paintings come from scrubbing or scratching out a painting that didn't work out in its first life and then re-purposing it as an under painting for a new piece.  

    Cory invites you to view her work, see if you can visualize her art as an enhancement to your living space. 


    Artist Statement 


    My platform, my passion and my obsession is art.  My art is a part of who I am and a necessity in my life (probably to some family members annoyance).  I love trying new tools or techniques in the creation of my art and I am continuously working to improve my craft.  In my opinion, the artist life is passion in painting, discovering new art techniques and investigating the history of art and artists.  I love to investigate - how did they do this or that, I have so many questions. 


    Making a connection with a fellow artist is also very important to me.  I find inspiration from other artists and enjoy learning from them.  After all, isn't life just one big learning experience or shall I say experiment?  My paintings are very organic and full of energy.  I work in both pastel and acrylics – mixed media. I use bold colors with lots of interesting marks in pencil, ink or charcoal.  I love to try new things.  I may infuse my paintings with other mediums such as clear gesso, where I will use a heat gun to super heat the gesso, the effect is interesting textures and bubbles and hopefully the bonus - I didn't burn down the house.  This technique allows an overlay of color on top of color with texture.  My art is about being in the moment, what is happening at the easel right then and there.  Pastels are vibrant, gritty and messy and just so darn fun (these are not sidewalk chalks).  



    2019 Awards / Publications / Juried Shows Acceptance / Galleries

    • May / Juried acceptance, The 62nd annual Edmond's Art Festival, Edmond's WA. Festival runs June 14-16th. Painting titled - England. Check out:
    • May, Juried acceptance, Northwest Pastel Society 33rd Annual International Open Exhibition @ The American Art Company, Tacoma WA. Abstract Non-Objective category - Climate Change.
    • April Issue of Pastel 100 Pastel Journal, featured artist, 5th place winner in the Pastel 100 Competition Abstract Non-Objective Category. The winning painting is titled Elvis and can be seen here.  Also featured in May Southwest Art Magazine, Pastel 100 section.
    • Winner, Aprils BoldBrush Outstanding Abstract, BoldBrush Painting Competition. Online competition via FASO and FAV15% (jury's favorite 15% of the entries) in the April BoldBrush Painting competition.
    • Pastel Society of the West Coast juried show acceptance, online show.  Abstract Category - Cityscape. Preview here:


    2018 Awards / Publications / Juried Shows Acceptance / Galleries

    • October, Juried acceptance, Northwest Pastel Society Annual Exhibit, Kirkland WA. Paintings, Its So Raw and Elvis.
    • September, Juried acceptance, Pure Color Online International Exhibition, paintings - Abstract Landscape, At A Glance and Red Yellow.
    • May, Juried acceptance, Northwest Pastel Society 32nd Annual International Open Exhibit, Tacoma, WA. paintings - Abstract 1 and Blue.
    • March / April Issue of Pastel 100 Pastel Journal, featured artist, 5th place and honorable mention winner in the Pastel 100 Competition, paintings, Blue and Orange.   
    • April, Juried acceptance into the 32nd International Association of Pastel Societies Exhibition Tacoma, WA. painting, Red/Yellow.
    • March, Artists Magazine finalist in their 34th annual art competition.
    • March, Honorable Mention, Schack Art Center 21st Annual Juried Art Show Everett, WA. painting, Orange.


    2017 Awards / Publications / Juried Shows Acceptance

    • February, Acceptance, Gallery North Juried Show Edmond's, WA, paintings Meditation and The Mangroves.


    Cory’s Professional Affiliations include:

    • Member of Northwest Pastel Society (NPS)
    • International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS)
    • Pastel Society of the West Coast (PSWC)



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