KPMG examines CEO outlook


A newly released KPMG report has determined chief executives are confident in the growth prospects of domestic and global economies over the next three years.

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“U.S. CEOs are highly confident and laser-focused on making their organizations more resilient in the face of various risks that threaten the growth of their companies,” KPMG Chairman and CEO Lynne Doughtie said. “Amid constant disruption and change, proactive leaders are executing agile, multi-faceted growth strategies that include M&A, alliances with third parties, investment in emerging markets and accelerating innovation and collaboration within their organizations.”

The findings reported that 53 percent of respondents are very confident in the growth prospects of the domestic economy, while 53 percent are very confident in the growth prospects of the global economy. Additionally, 50 percent predict top-line revenue growth in the 2 to 5 percent range with 43 percent predicting less than 2 percent.

When prioritizing between buying new technology or developing their workforce to improve their organization’s resilience, the CEO analysis favored technology two-to-one, and 70 percent said they are planning to up-skill 41 to 60 percent of their organization’s workforce with new digital capabilities over the next three years.

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